August 2, 2022

Understanding Acute Concussion

Sustaining a concussion can be quite a traumatic experience well beyond the physical. There is often anxiety associated with a head trauma due to the lack […]
July 26, 2022

How do I know if I’m Concussed?

Identifying + Managing Concussion How do I know if I’m Concussed? Our awareness of concussions has increased in recent years, with professional sports teams and the […]
July 2, 2022

Concussion….. what next?

Concussion is a regular occurrence in everyday life (work related injuries, falls and car accidents), however contact sports are more readily exposed to concussive incidents.  If you or you […]
July 2, 2022

Is your headache/migraine coming from your neck?

While some forms of physical therapy can be great at providing short term relief, they often fail to create sustainable improvements for chronic headache/migraine sufferers.